Game Reviews

I’ve decided to , just for fun, start reviewing games here.

I’m not gonna review EVERY new game, or even POPULAR games.

I’m going to review games, new and old that I think are worth a look. Many of the games that I play regularly are far from being found on the pages of Game Informer or Gamepro. You won’t find these in the magazines.

I’ve got some real gems planned out –  so check back often. I’ll try to do one a week.

I look forward to sharing some of my favorite commercial games, but especially the treasures that I have found in the realm of FREE games. Just because a game is freely distributed, doesen’t mean it sucks. The fantastic, magical Cave Story is evidence of that.

So , for reviews, videos, and screenshots of some damn good games – bookmark this page.

Have fun!


Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 (Xbox 360)Review

Cave Story (Doukoutsu Monogatari) PC Version


2 Responses to “Game Reviews”

  1. for a firs attempt at a review I would say that it is pretty good. this is a neglected genre that is lucky to have any attention in the states.
    DANMAKU fur-erver

    • I’ll get better once I figure out a review “template”

      Admittedly , my first review is a mess, it’s all over the place…but oh well…it’s not like I’m getting PAID or anything….

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