What it’s all about….

My name is Matskat.

I build custom arcade style joysticks.

Since I was a kid, I loved arcades…the electric sounds of games being played, the click and whack of buttons and sticks, the clink of coins being dropped.

As I grew up, that love never left, and arcades slowly disappeared. I want to keep that feeling alive, the best I can, for myself, my children, and anyone else who misses those glory days.

My solution : through the joy of woodworking and electronics, I can build arcade quality controllers for use on any game console, or PC – so that you can have that authentic arcade feel AT HOME!

I am available to do custom work, so please contact me if there is anything you would like to ask whether it’s a price quote, or advice.

If you want more information regarding the fighting game scene or arcade joysticks, please visit:


Shoryuken (or SRK) is the premier site for fighting game information, especially the Street Fighter series.

My member profile on SRK:



One Response to “What it’s all about….”

  1. Would like to talk to you about a price quote. Just curious mostly. Contact me if you get a moment. The given email is fine.


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