Arcade Culture – Hitting the Nail on the Head

Today I read the best piece of writing, from a gamer’s perspective, that I have ever encountered.

The demise of American arcades pains me, along with the idea that my daughter will never experience the wondrous and challenging world of arcades, as I had the privelege of experiencing – THIS is why I’m so passionate about building and sharing my custom joysticks with anyone and everyone who bothers to read this page. To keep the culture alive in America.

In this essay, Alex Kierkegaard wraps up, and ties with a bow, the essence of arcade culture.  More importantly, it explains, for those who just don’t get it (not YOU, beloved reader! You are distinguished, elegant, and have impeccable taste in blogs) the concept of playing a SINGLE CREDIT.

I’m not just preaching to the choir here, this is a great read, even for arcade vets.

So read it, then make a friend read it, then get together with that friend and…


**Note** The following link contains salty language, if anyone gives a shit. Sorry kiddies.

Link: Arcade Culture By Alex Kierkegaard / July 8, 2007


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