The Oregon Trailer

When I was in gradeschool, there was nothing (other than recess, and dodgeball) better than Wednesday afternoons.

That’s when we had “Computer Class”.

My school had 20 TRS-80’s lining the wass of what was essentially a closet.

We used to aggrevate our teacher by pressing the big red button on each of our terminals. That button disconnected that computer from the network, thereby disconnecting any computers connected beyond it.

Why the teacher didn’t put some duct tape or something over those buttons, I dunno. I mean, why was there a button right there on the keyboard, right next to “NumLk” that would pwn your network…

..oh sorry. *Ahem*


Some enterprising young folks, who must have loved computer class too, have made a movie trailer.

All it’s splendor lies below.


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