God of War III Midnight Launch

I attended my local Gamestop’s midnight launch for God of War III.

Expecting more of a turnout, I brought along a couple of my custom joysticks – planning to do a bit of old-fashioned networking.

The turnout was indeed small, but I managed to  gladhand some local gamers and hand out a few ghetto business cards – the main goal though, was picking up God Of War III. Ignoring my better judgement, I also picked up the newly released Metro 2033,  which so far is a pleasant surprise.

All in all, it was cool and now some local dudes know about my joysticks….now to bust some heads…

“I shall have my revenge!”


2 Responses to “God of War III Midnight Launch”

  1. I’m one of the gamers you gave the business card to. Already showed a few people the picture I took of the arcade sticks. May have to pick one up myself sooner or later for Blazblue.

    • Email me whenever – I’d LOVE to do some work for local cats.

      And I happen to have some high-res BlazBlue artwork ripped from their webserver 🙂

      Be in touch, and thanks for showing interest.

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