Updated Site

Hey everybody!

Lots of hits today! thanks everyone who has stopped by.
I was inspired to change the pages around a bit, in order to get better organized.

You will find over here to the RIGHT ———> a list of handy links to the various pages that make up this blog. Each Joystick now has it’s own page, all under the sub-page called Custom Joysticks.

Also, you will notice a new page over here ———–> called “Game Reviews”. I’m sure that’s pretty easy to figure out. I posted one review today, and I admit that it’s super sloppy – but who cares. It looks good! I included some screenshots and a video of the game in action – I figure that I’ll just do that for every upcoming review as well.

You may have noticed, as well, that the default WordPress links, also on the right, are now gone and replaced with kick ass liks to webpages that I personally frequent and enjoy. You know what to do with links, right? Click ’em!

I’m really just giving this new layout a shot, I’d love to hear what you think – so please, leave comments and let me know what you like, hate, or whatever.

***And to the people who were nice enough to leave comments on the posts that were previously here on the front page – SORRY! They’re gone… it hurts me more than it hurts you, though (as few comments as I had anyway).***

So again, thanks for stopping by, please have fun, leave comments, buy joysticks etc…


One Response to “Updated Site”

  1. super cool site! i hope you do well with this, fantastic idea:)

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